Group menus for dinner

Two course  

Menu 1 –  6400,-
Apt:   Surprise
Main:  Surprise

Menu 2 –  6200,-
Main:   Hraunsnefs Pork
Dess:   Apple cake

Menu 3 –  5800,-
Apt:   Soup
Main:  Salmon

Menu 4 –  6600,-
Apt:   Cured beef
Main:  Lamb

Three Course    

Menu 1 –  7600,-
Apt:   Surprise
Main:  Surprise
Dess: Surprise

Menu 2 –  7900,-
Apt:   Duck salad
Main:  Salmon
Dess: Apple cake

Menu 3 –  8200,-
Apt:   Cured beef
Main:  Lamb
Dess: Chocolate cake

Menu 4 –  8600,-
Apt:   Shellfish soup
Main: Hraunsnefs Beef
Dess: Chocolate mousse

Coffee/tea come with all two and three course meals
Main courses come with baked vegetables and potatoes

The entire group must order the same menu for group prices to be applied. Although we will take in to consideration vegetarians, vegans or other food allergies if we are notified in advance. 

Group prices only apply when booked in advance

If you have other requests for menus, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote

To book your group please send us a e-mail to hraunsnef@hraunsnef.is