- Do you want to surprise your spouse / travel companion? 
Order an arrival package and it will be ready in your room when you check in. 
then do not have to wait for anything just start enjoying right away. 

Package 1 - ISK 2.200
Bottega rose sparkling wine 200ml and salted caramel praline chocolate plate

Package 2 - ISK 3.500
Auður farmhouse ale 750ml from Borg brewery and 2 lays salted little bags

Package 3 - ISK 4.000
Asti Martini sparkling wine 750ml and sea salt and caramel chocolate plate

Package 4 - ISK 5.500
Tommasi Prosecco 750ml sparkling wine and a bag of popcorn snacks

Package 5 - ISK 6.900
Côtes du Rhône red wine bottle 750ml and small box of chocolates