Group menus - for advance reservations only.

Lava nose - group menus - brought to the table
Prices for group menus are per person and are based on everyone taking the same menu, but if there are special dietary requirements or intolerances, we can accommodate them at no extra cost if we are notified in advance, we accept groups of a maximum of 30 people unless they are guests of the hotel .
For larger groups, check out the group menus in Hreðavatnsskála. HERE

Menu 1
main courseLamb burger
DessertChocolate mousse
Menu 2
StartersHot-smoked salmon
main courseHraunsnefs burger
Menu 3
StartersMushroom soup
main courseSalmon
DessertPanna cotta
Menu 4
StartersCured beef
main courseLamb
DessertChocolate mousse
Menu 5
StartersHot-smoked salmon
main courseBeef steak
DessertChocolate cake