Produced at Hraunsnefi


Hraunsnef is a hotel and restaurant on an active farm. On the farm we have cattle, sheep and pigs as well as ducks and chickens. In recent years, we have been working hard to become sustainable in meat, and this goal has largely been achieved.

We first became self-sufficient in pork, then came beef and now last. years we are approaching to become completely self-sufficient in lamb. Our menu is therefore not always like there can be times when something simply does not exist. We take dishes off the menu when they are not available. So when you buy meat dishes from our menu marked with ★ you can be sure that it comes from our free animals.

You can always walk around the area and see the animals, but it happens that the animals have gone for a walk up a mountain and are therefore not there when people visit, but you can clearly see that our animals are never in pens and have complete freedom to live their best life.

The animals are sent to a slaughterhouse where all regulations regarding inspections and confirmations of the animal's health are followed. But our animals go to the slaughterhouse in Borgarnes where we can limit the carbon footprint enormously by sending them such a short distance. The meat is so totally processed here on the farm.

We also produce dishes on site. You can buy handmade discs etc.