Cured Beef  – 2.600 ISK
ruccola, truffle, Feykir cheese

Mushroom soup – 1750 ISK
home-made bread and pesto

Cured salmon – 2.400 ISK
home-cured with croutons and sweet mustard sauce

To share

Fries with truffle mayo and Feykir cheese- 1.600 ISK

Spicy sweet fries with garlic sauce and sriracha- 1.800 ISK

Spinach dip with tortilla chips, cucumber and carrots – 1800 ISK


Salmon- 4.900 ISK
small potatoes, lime, vegetables, fried onion, garlic sauce

 Hraunsnefs Lamb – 5.500 ISK
 truffle mashed potatoes, vegetables,blueberry sauce

Grilled beef slices – 5.200 ISK
béarnaise and fries

Pulled pork sandwich – 2.600 ISK
BBQ, lettuce, pepper mayo, fries

Vegan sandwich – 2.600 ISK
baked veggies, fresh veggies, carrot-mayo, fries

Cheeseburger – 2.500 ISK
cheese, hamburgersauce, lettuce, fries

Hraunsnef beef burger – 2.900 ISK
cheese, brie, honey-mustard sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, fries

Beef sandwich – 3.250 ISK
mushrooms, paprika, onion, lettuce, béarneise, fries


Icecream – 1.490 ISK
Chocolatesauce, berries and cream

Chocolate mousse – 1.990 ISK
Salted caramel, berries and cream

Applecake – 1.990 ISK
home-made salted caramel ice-cream, cinnamon sauce

Mini Pavlova – 1.990 ISK
meringue, pomegranate cream, lemon curd, berries